Vintage 1950s Mary Kaye Stratocaster

Nick named the Mary Kaye after the artist pictured in early Fender Catalog holding a similar guitar, this late 1950s rarity boasts gold hardware and a grain-exposing blonde finish. Despite a few flaws a finish nick on the lower bass bout, unusual wear on the upper fingerboard, and filled pickguard holes this strat is remarkably clean. Vintage 1950s Mary Kaye Stratocaster

Even while you can find rarer custom-color and also single model prototypes, the “Mary Kaye,” with its slightly transparent, rich and creamy white texture on a grainy ash body highlighted with gold-plated hardware, certainly the Mary Kaye is amongst some of the most searched for collectable model and one of the most valuable and highly collectable guitar worldwide.

The Mary Kaye Fender Stratocaster. An expression vintage guitar buffs use to relate to regarding ’50s Stratocaster which have gold-plated hardware and a blonde texture! Despite the fact that Mary Kaye did not possess one at that time, Fender had not officially registered a “Mary Kaye” model yet; the lady’s name became identified with this type of Stratocaster because she had been photographed together alongside her band, the Mary Kaye Trio, during a 1956 Fender promotional advertising campaign showcasing the most current Stratocaster electric guitar.

Vintage 1950s Mary Kaye Stratocaster

Vintage 1950s Mary Kaye Stratocaster

Vintage 1950s Mary Kaye Stratocaster

Announced formally at the beginning of 1957, the blond and gold-plated Strat had been essentially a custom made model. The Mary Kaye had been the very first custom guitar off the Fender Custom Shop. Merely a handful would be produced during 1954. Although the illustration displayed below is not the same in reality, not only was this guitar the earliest one Fender designed using this amalgamation, this had been in fact the Ash blond 1954 Fender Stratocaster guitar utilized by Mary Kaye, and its origin could very well be traced from the first day! V

Vintage 1950s Mary Kaye Stratocaster

All of 1954 Fender Stratocasters including the Mary Kaye Strat were certainly first among this line. Complete  manufacturing for each Fender Stratocaster launched Oct. 1954. The Stratocasters produced during March 1954 to September 1954 would be literally hand crafted prototypes, in addition the Strat’s attributes wouldn’t finalize before October 1954. All of March to September ’54 designs would be extremely desirable as a result of exclusive typical factors Fender had been testing with, basically associated to plastic materials, that had been different earlier to October ’54, as well as the guitar’s hand-made overall look and appearance. Vintage 1950s Mary Kaye Stratocaste

Vintage 1950s Mary Kaye Stratocaster

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