The ’40s and ’50s Vintage Telecasters and Amps

The ’40s and ’50s Vintage Telecasters and Amps

For many enthusiasts and collectors, pre CBS (pre-1966) vintage Fender guitars and amps are the most prized and sought after models. Despite the fact that CBS acquired Fender in Jan. 3rd 1965, this situation required extra time before all their guitars changed, however sometime in the middle of ’64, half a year prior to CBS purchasing Fender, matters had actually been going down hill. Towards the conclusion of 1965, the over-all style, impression and feel of Fender guitars were significantly affected. Many of the collectors felt the level of quality regarding their musical instruments and amplifiers were impaired as CBS implemented mass production and manufacturing techniques. The ’40s and ’50s Vintage Telecasters and Amps                                                                                                                          Due to this fact, Fender’s most impeccant period through the 1950’s are their greatest collectibles. This decade presented guitars with straight thru maple necks, pickguards having single layers, slim spaghetti logos, and tweed cases which appear to capture the attention of enthusiasts and collectors in particular.

In 1966 the CBS organization gained control of Fender’s manufacturing company and added many alterations. The summation regarding these adjustments produced a severe impact upon Fender guitars all together. 1966 ushered in a time period of large Headstocks, lesser-streamlined bodies, and substantially increased large-scale production quantities. CBS searched for strategies to reduce manufacturing time and expenses that ultimately resulted in a considerable lower quality product. Consequently, 1966 and soon after, Fender products would likely to be considered less prized as opposed to the vintage pre CBS Fender guitars and amps. The ’40s and ’50s Vintage Telecasters and Amps

Here’s a nice family photo of these Legendary Guitars and Amps.

The '40s and '50s Vintage Telecasters and AmpsThe ’40s and ’50s Vintage Telecasters and Amps

Starting in the lower right corner and continuing clockwise are: A 1950 Broadcaster, a 1951 “Nocaster,” a ’53 Esquire, a ’55 Precision Bass ( later reissued as the Telecaster Bass), A ’52 Telecaster, and a’55 Telecaster. The short, squat cousins (amps) behind (in the same order) are: a 1947 Model 26, a ’50 Deluxe, a’50 Champion 600, a’51 Bassman a 1948 – 1951 Super and a 1953 Deluxe.

The ’40s and ’50s Vintage Telecasters and Amps

If you have one of those pre-1966 Fender guitar and amplifier lying around don’t let it go!

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The ’40s and ’50s Vintage Telecasters and Amps

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