1969 Vintage Fender Pink Paisley Stratocaster

Inspired by the Summer Of Love, Fender issused optional pink paisley and blue floral finishes for the telecaster in 1968 and ’69, This paisley Strat is a one-of-a-kind experimental model. The finish is actually a piece of wallpaper which was adhered to the guitars top and back and covered with clear varnish. This finish also appeared on a few telecaster basses. 1969 Vintage Fender Pink Paisley Stratocaster

Let me reveal another one of my personal moment in time, my priceless Stratocaster and I’ll tell you why this is priceless in just a few lines from now, this is my  favourite, it’s a 1969 Vintage Fender Pink Paisley Stratocaster. This baby is the real thing and CERTAINLY NOT a reissue. Throughout the years I’ve had numerous Fender Strats come my way, as well as this Vintage 1969 Fender Pink Paisley Stratocaster that is special and unique. Here it is!!! Once plugged into that Marshall amp, all you need to do is close your eyes and you will obviously be transported right back in time to 1969 Woodstock to be exact, this guitar can take a pounding and still remains in pitch after serious strumming and intensive tremolo use. This actually by itself deserves a reward of acknowledgment.

1969 Vintage Fender Pink Paisley Stratocaster

1969 Vintage Fender Pink Paisley Stratocaster

1969 Vintage Fender Pink Paisley Stratocaster

Now this guitar is all genuine and is absolutely in great condition, However it could be the perfect Stratocaster so it’s time for that great old saying “once a hippie, always a hippie”, so for all those hippies out there lets enjoy the moment!

Innovative and untouched, the middle to the late 1960’s pronounced the next generation of the third embodiment of the Fender Stratocaster line. The new owners (CBS) did not have any desire of reducing the value of the Fender brand, they literally invested a considerable chunk of cash upgrading their plant as well as the equipment in order to create for greater and significantly more long-term manufacturing. No matter if you are a collector of the former Fender brands or not this is a wonderful challenge and may well be knowingly contended based on irrespective if you are an investor or a performer but with no need of discussion the following would be excellent in anybody’s venture.

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1969 Vintage Fender Pink Paisley Stratocaster




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