Montreal Learn To Play Guitar Lessons With A Pro

Private Guitar Lessons Montreal Quebec

Learn To Play Guitar Songs Like “Sweet Child O Mine”,  “Stairway To Heaven” Plus A Whole Lot More!

  • Teaching Guitar Lessons Step by Step to Play Guitar or Bass. 
  • Study to Perform Professionally or for your own Personal Pleasure.
  • Join a Band, Perform or Compose your own Original songs
  • Learn to Read Music and Chords Quickly to Play your Favorite Songs! 
  • Master Different Styles of Music.. Acoustic, Electric, Rock, Blues, 
  • Classic Metal, Jazz, Classical Guitar and more…
  • Discover the Styles and Techniques used By Today’s Famous Bands and Guitarists.
  • Fully Equipped Studio, Create Your own Demo or CD for Free 
  • Get a Free Personal Trial Lesson and Discover Your Hidden Talent Today!
  • Beginners get a 20% discount 
  •  Call Now and Reserve Your Seat / Tel: 514-728-4839

Montreal Learn To Play Guitar Lessons

Start Playing, Singing and Even Compose Your OWN ORIGINALS, Learn Songs Faster and More Efficiently, and Improve Your Technical Skills 150% in Just a Few Sessions!

Listen to some original compositions created with this amazing training program anyone can do it!  

Listen To Original Songs Click Here  or   Watch and Listen on You Tube!

Now, as never before I can show you how to Realize and Master This Ancient Instrument Quickly Easily, pick up Any of your Favorite Songs, and Perform like a Seasoned Guitarist in less time than you think or even dreamed of.

Private Guitar Lessons Montreal Quebec

Concentration is focused on Ear training, Music Theory, Modes, SONG WRITING, Technique, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues and more….    Montreal Learn To Play Guitar Lessons
Covers everything an aspiring guitarist needs to focus on to learn how to rock hard and have  fun. Here are just some of the things that you will study:
Private Guitar Lessons Montreal Quebec PART 1                                                                                                                                              

Montreal Learn To Play Guitar Lessons

As a guitarist and teacher for over 25 years, I can understand how difficult it may seem for some to get the hang of this charming and enchanting instrument. The reason I’ve created This Special Program is so anyone can easily and dramatically cut the learning curve and allow one to really improve and master this instrument in a very short period time

My course includes a new way of teaching and can also work for the bass using studio to give you hands on that giant leap you need to get started playing very quickly. No knowledge required for studio it’s free for the student, easy to understand system, over 60,000 songs available and step-by-step instructions anyone can follow! 

No matter what style you want, no matter what level you are at (beginner, intermediate or advanced), this is for you. Guaranteed you will succeed and amaze friends and family in no time! 

Private Guitar Lessons Montreal Quebec

Tip For Parents, Begin exposing your child to the guitar during a young age. Spark their creative imagination and as well stimulate creativeness with a selection of musical adventure. Girls and boys that tend to be imaginative and have a passion for this instrument are probably going to stay away from mischief even after they become adults.

Free Consultation for all Ages… Adults & Children 8+  

Learn to Play Guitar Easily 
 Call Right Now and take advantage this offer!

Call Now – 514-728-4839

Montreal Learn To Play Guitar Lessons

Montreal Learn To Play Guitar Lessons with a Pro


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